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Walsh – GetDarkerTV 097 – Audio

You can now download Walshy’s set from Get Darker last week via the Get Darker website.

Full tracklisting included 😉


Get Darker #97 Video….


Here’s the re-up of last night’s show. Walsh steps on at 2hrs 30mins…

Tracklist will be available soon!


Walshy’s gonna be playing on Get Darker tonight, providing you with your weekly Biscuit Factory fix 😉

Plenty of new beats to play from Benny Page, Kutz, Lexx, Benga, Dismantle, Emalkay, VIVEK, DJ Madd, Matt-U and more….so make so you lock in!!

7pm – 10:30 GMT.

Walsh + Grand – RINSEFM 100511 – Download

Here’s the download link for anyone that missed the show last night, and for all those that wanna listen back in the future. Was a bigg’un, plenty of exclusives….

Keep it Biscuit 😉

Walshy covering for N Type – Tues 10th May – RINSEFM


Walshy is gonna be covering for DJ N Type this week on the Wheel and Deal Show. Tuesday evening, 9-11GMT. Turn your FM dial over to 106.8 FM or lock in via the intenet by visiting RINSE FM.

MC Grand will be in the studio alongside Walshy to take your shouts and dedi’s….Get ’em in the usual way – via the RINSE FM Twitter, MSN, BB Chat, SMS or just using the old fashioned telephone 😉

Make sure you lock in, plenty of new Biscuit Factory riddim to be heard!!! 🙂

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